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Our History is Here - Our Future is Now

What stake to claim do we as Foundational Black Americans really have to history in this country, on this continent and around the world, if any? When you think of Foundational Black Americans (Formerly misnomered as African Americans/ Negros/ Colors/ Black) what thought comes to mind and what accomplishments are we recognized for?

Slaves brought to this country by force, low class citizens of a foreign nation with no home to call their own. Or is there more to the story, so much more that even the mere mention of our accolades would discredit the history of the masses?

What if I were to tell you that our history in this country, from the perspective that everything we have been taught, is but a half truth. Who built the buildings, roads, and monuments in this country? Where did those people come from and where did they go?

Where did the many sciences, technologies and art-forms of the country and the world develop? What is the hidden history behind what we are taught, but most importantly why is this knowledge kept from us? This book will capture some of the lesser known accomplishments and esoteric information that has been passed down ‘word-of-mouth’ by some and systematically discredited by others. Fortunately true knowledge can neither cease nor desist and this text will show what you can do to utilize that information today. It is time that we take our own history by the rungs away from those who would paint an inaccurate picture of our past. This will allow us to re-introduce ourselves not for exposure and clout but at the least self vindication and reasonable doubt.


About the Author

The Youth Inside Us All Is Who This Book Is Written For.

Author Quotes

"The more you conquer the fears within yourself, the greater influence you will have on the world around you."

"I once contemplated how my Native Great-Great Grandmothers birthed my Negro Great Grandmother and her siblings but in asking the question I also answered it."

"The Knowledge is here, to pursue it or ignore it is my choice and my choice alone."

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