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Will EL M . STJ Heron


The youth inside us all is who this book is written for.

Gaining knowledge for the sake of knowing and confessing what I learned to the world given the smallest opportunity. I can recall much about myself at that age, but the thing I remembered most was being afforded teachers who looked after me based merely off of the fact that I reminded them of who they once were in their youth. (Youth is something that does not have to fade with age). They evoked in me the epitome of the Pygmalion effect and because they had such high hopes and expectations for my future, I had no choice but to realize my potential.

Later in the life of this boy in the picture (just recently from my perspective) I have uncovered an even greater teacher in myself. With this understanding I would like to profess that the discoveries that we make for ourselves in the present have as profound an effect on our past as they do our futures. For without remembering who we once were, we can never truly understand how far we have come. 

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